About the clinical staff

The DeLorenzi Clinic is proud to have an outstanding team of professionals providing services at our clinic. Our team is one of our greatest assets and consists of both a surgical and non-surgical component:

Surgical Team

Our surgical team includes three anesthesiologists who are certified in their associated areas of expertise. They have all been working at the clinic for almost 20 years. Also part of the surgical team are our scrub nurses, circulating nurses and recovery room nurses. Again, all of our nurses are fully qualified professionals who have been trained in the latest plastic surgery techniques and have been long-term employees with Dr. DeLorenzi.

Non-Surgical Team

Our clinic’s nurse injectors are all fully qualified Registered Nurses and are Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists. They have been working with us for over 10 years and are fully trained in the latest injection techniques. In addition, they have been extensively trained by Dr. DeLorenzi himself on his trademarked “Filler Lift” technique.

The clinic’s estheticians are also fully certified professionals with over 10 years experience. They are trained in the latest techniques for laser hair removal and non-surgical skin care treatments.

Our administrative staff include an office manager and patient co-ordinator who have been with the clinic for over a decade. Our administrative staff are too fully trained in both surgical and non-surgical techniques. They are able to provide educational information to patients and assist them in making choices and decisions about their options and continuing care in a professional and courteous manner.